The published are professors
scouring tomes of linguistic graves
inferring wisdom through echelons of riposte;
the sullied are dreamers
ripping through zines, desecrating reason
consuming anything, one-hundred-and-forty
characters at a time.
the professor's words
linger and sweep, dangling
through truth and sublime lyric.
the dreamer is absorbed by the raw
demanding rainy days
and the learn'd
serve banquets
with battered feet and tattered robes
going down long sapphire roads.
On my way I come to realize
both ignore the tolls.


The shark lives in a boorish place,
perfect for something so visceral.
Finning about its medium with tedious attention and wanton thoughts
It is ever fretful in the bloodied spume
Unsure if the cohort will take the wrong idea, or worse.
Yet it endures, a machine of dire and vagabond tendencies.
It is in the unfathomable wandering that it finds meaning,
hidden in vibrant colors of the coral,
Of which, the beast displays stunning ignorance.

the roof

Feet danglin’ off the bellicose roof
where two dogs glisten with blood and saliva.
In the back, the man with a checklist looks down the line.
He appraises, does not solicit, he’s involved yet not illicit.
The bodyguard shows me his musket and says
“This here’s an old thing. Sturdy. See the smoothbore?”
He fired it straight into those dogs.
The boom was more disturbing
but they kept on snarling at each other,
unsure where the blood came from,
as it trickled into the rain pipe.


Can you remember,
on our filmy sun days
how the forty-second street motor squirmed,
and you laughed about how we could never
be saviors on such grand railways?
When Mario Moreno died,
a giant bright flag
echoed his essence on me.
With such a fury that cannon blew,
and we understood where he was headed.
A cigarette yawned
where we left that ill-faithed rag,
the sullied organ rattling a sore throat
through that long, long opus.
and that sweet heaven
of sin and lustful valor,
where a tiny soul pounded
in a Christmas card you sent,
that reminisced
and told
a vivid howl
about a steelyard.